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Automated mobile testing done right

Create, run, and visualize all your tests in one place.

Supports iOS & Android

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Set up your tests in 60 seconds

Record your tests in your browser

Create your tests with your mouse. Waldo gives you a real mobile experience right on your desktop.
No code needed. Anyone can do it!

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Automated functional & UI Testing

Integrate with your Continuous Integration

Run as many tests as you want, quickly. No limits to how many tests you run and no hours spent laboring over manual QA.

Sleep easy knowing your users are getting the experience you intended.

Integrate with your CI

View Differences

Catch & fix UI bugs

Waldo is built to understand changes within your app. It won't break every time you move a button or change your designs.

With the power of AI, it navigates the natural ambiguity of UI changes when replaying your flows.

Automate your tests

How Waldo works

The mobile QA features you need for quick, painless testing

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Mobile First (and only)

100% of our focus is spent making life better for mobile developers.

Simple Onboarding

Be up and running in minutes. No scripting. No SDK.

Elegant Insights

Reveal UX differences between all builds, augmented with AI to make your work easier.

Integrate with ecosystem

Waldo works with the mobile dev tools you use.

Real Devices

Review UX performance on 100s of real Android, iOS devices.

Monitoring in the Wild

Waldo keeps adding value after your app ships by monitoring critical flows like login to ensure uptime…and new users.


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