Build elegance

Deliver mobile UX perfection. Every device, every release.

Passionate about mobile

You want to deliver a beautiful mobile experience.
We want to remove doubt, disconnects, and delays from your delivery process.

Deliver Beauty

Ensure users get the UX you intended…every release, every device, every language, every time.

Deliver On Time

Automate UX reviews on native devices, without wasting time on manual QA or test scripting.

Deliver Confidence

Stellar UX. Stellar ratings. Stellar growth. Stellar recognition for you.

The waldo experience

Mobile First (and only)

100% of our focus is spent making life better for mobile developers.

Simple Onboarding

Be up and running in minutes. No scripting. No SDK.

Elegant Insights

Reveal UX differences between all builds, augmented with AI to make your work easier.

Integrate with ecosystem

Waldo works with the mobile dev tools you use.

Real Devices

Review UX performance on 100s of real Android, iOS devices.

Monitoring in the Wild

Waldo keeps adding value after your app ships by monitoring critical flows like login to ensure uptime…and new users.

How waldo works?

Ensure users receive the UX you intended…

Easy to setup

Get started with waldo in 2 minutes.
Now you’re running on Waldo!

Dev platform independent.
No SDKs. No scripting. No app uploads.

Breathe Easily

Waldo monitors critical flows in the wild to make sure they are working 24x7.