Infrastructure Engineer

Location: Amolo Atelier, Inc., Brooklyn, NY.

Responsibilities: Deliver the back-end and front-end software development of the company’s patent-pending technology product, Waldo; execute in concurrent systems (queueing and load balancing) to optimize attribution of jobs among the different pools of devices; monitor solutions (e.g. statsd) to collect metrics around the usage and load of the device farm, and build web tooling on top of those metrics to allow readability and reporting in the team; setup racks of devices that will be failure safe to both network and power outages; support our customers in the US and maintain their infrastructure; manage team of software web developers; travel within the U.S. to set up and support enterprise customers’ infrastructure.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field and proficiency in IT security and architecture as demonstrated by 4 years experience with Ruby; 4 years experience with ReactJS/Redux; 4 years experience with Unix systems; 3 years experience in CSS; 2 years experience in tree algorithms; and 2 years experience managing engineers. Must successfully complete competency-based interview. This position requires only little domestic and international travel.

To apply, send resume to