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AllTrails is the leader in outdoor and nature exploration. Their collection of hand-curated trail guides enable their users to explore the outdoors with confidence.
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Multi-language support
Device size testing
Multi-language tests are hard to maintain
It used to take us days to test on multiple devices" - James Graham, CTO at AllTrails
With app downloads growing by the day in several markets, the AllTrails team was happy about where things were headed. They had recently expanded internationally and had a lot on their plate.
When you serve so many passionate users, reactivity is crucial. The team merges new code to master daily, which is great but also means that testing velocity needs to increase. Did we mention that they support 4 languages on both iOS and Android? Yep, that's a lot of things to maintain with only 1 QA engineer.
Recording tests on one device, replaying them reliably on multiple languages
Our team couldn't be happier now that they don't have to manually test for 4 languages on 6 different screen sizes." - James Graham, CTO at AllTrails
When James first came to Waldo, he was looking for a testing solution that could match their release velocity, help them cover more user flows in the app, and test multiple languages in parallel. He wanted quick test results to make sure the app behaved as expected in different markets.
20 minutes to run 100+ functional tests
Now we can just record a test once and run it automatically on multiple screen sizes and languages" - James Graham, CTO at AllTrails
With Waldo, they are able to automatically test their core functionalities in many languages and ensure a high standard of quality in all markets. They created 100+ tests that they run daily across iOS and Android. With a total of 8 device configurations running concurrently, 20 minutes is all it takes to run their build – allowing them to run their suite daily to quickly identify issues and collaborate internally to fix them.

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