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The quality of mobile experiences out there is mind-blowing. But there is a problem, mobile testing is broken. Scripting is flaky and manual testing is tedious. Combined, they form an evil force that leads even the best app teams to not testing enough and hope for the best. Waldo changes that: our no-code automation platform takes over the tedious, mind-numbing aspects of mobile testing to let teams simply focus on making the best product. You can ship faster and with the assurance that people can experience your app the way you intend it.

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Meet the team

We're based in Brooklyn, but we come from around the globe: electronic music
lovers from France, tea specialist from Morocco, bike riders and travelers.

What we've been up to

We all share a passion for beautiful experiences. And since we started, every
milestone has one goal in mind, bringing mobile app teams a testing
experience that reflects the passion they put into their apps.

2018 - Kick Off

Co-founders Amine and Laurent embark on a journey full of sleepless nights locked inside a house in Portugal, designing, coding, erasing. Repeat.

2019 - Seeing the light

We finally cracked the matrix and are able to speak the same language as mobile phones. First successfully recorded tests, automatic runs, reliable results and our first partners!

2020 - Responsibilities

We have been listening to our customers and more app teams choose to join Waldo and never looked back. Making our customers happy and fixing our product was our number 1 priority.

July 2020 - bigger & better

New website, new onboarding, more options for customers: like Simba, our llama is introduced to the world and excited to start helping more teams.


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